My name is Jenn Conover, and I reside in Auckland NZ with my fiancé and my three beautiful teenage daughters.

Capturing the uniqueness of every child, teen and family is my goal. Having children of my own helps me understand that the individual aspects of every family must be uniquely captured.

I am passionate about building confidence in children and young adults. In an image obsessed and complex world, it is a wonderful feeling to leave each of my clients feeling empowered and lifted, seeing a beauty and depth in themselves they may have overlooked. Life is about looking closely for joy and fun in every moment and every place.

Each day I strive to pass this precious message on to my three teenage girls and can’t wait to share it with your precious ones too.

Within my years in this industry, I have been extremely grateful for the accolades that I have achieved. I have won awards from New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, and I have been commissioned to create images for large corporates. I have seen my images on buses, billboards, as well as Corporate and Travel Magazines. My greatest achievement though, is viewing my images on the walls of my everyday clients.

With much love….. 

Jenn C.